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Digital Health Fund

At ITR VENTURES Digital Health Fund we focus on continually identifying market themes, emerging trends, and government regulations that are materially impacting the Digital Health sector worldwide. Once we have defined our investment thesis (which we continually refresh based on current market factors) we focus on executing exhaustive deal sourcing and rigorous deal screening, due diligence, and valuation processes which we funnel through our investment committee and our advisors before finalizing our investment decisions. And once we have invested in our portfolio companies, we immediately shift our focus to driving measurable value for our portfolio companies by guiding them through the idea validation and prototyping phase, the product development phase, the market launch phase, and the market development phase which includes but is not limited to providing: strategic business advice, financial expertise, management expertise, business networking, international expansion guidance, and driving best practice corporate guidance.

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Digital Health Investment Areas

Digital Health Investments

  • Medical Technology

  • Bioinformatics

  • Biotechnology

  • Cyber Drugs

  • Implantable Devices

  • Virtual Medicine

  • Digital Health Investment Process

    Digital Health Investments

    At ITR VENTURES we believe in process not for process sake but because if defined properly it provides a predictable, repeatable, scalable, and consistent user experience. Subsequently, our process is as follows: source our deals from our extensive network, screen our deals using a best practice driven deal sourcing network, perform exhaustive due dilgience, structure deals based on conservative valuations, finalize the deal structure based on reasonable parameters, tap into our vast ecosystem to create measurable value for our portfolio companies, and then work to find a profitable exit that benefits all stakeholders.

    Digital Health Domain Expertise

    Digital Health Investments

    How do we connect the dots in an industry where sizable investments have been met with limited adoption due to entrenched incumbent behavior? We don't just conduct exhaustive research to forumulate our invesment thesis, we cast a wider net by leveraging a broad but deeply skilled ecosystem of Digital Health focused former and current Entreprenuers, Designers, Engineers, Marketing experts, Product Managers, and Strategists to assign Mentors/Advisors to help you (our entrepreneurs) define or build: A Proof of Concept/Minimal Viable Product/Beta; a Scalable Business Plan; a Steady Revenue Stream; Proprietary Technology; Intellectual Property; Brand Recognition; Irreplaceable Employees; Competitive Advantage; Reasonable Valuations based on multiples of Sales, EBITA, etc..

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